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Alpha-Theta Training for Trauma

Alpha-Theta Training is a state of being between sleep and wakefulness which allows the brain to do precisely what it desires to do, "Heal Itself". In this state, there is a strong "sense of well being". There is no pain, no stress, and is below the ego (which is where many human problems reside).

We use this protocol to treat PTSD and other trauma issues. Alpha-Theta was developed by Dr. Eugene Peniston in 1989 to treat Vietnam Veterans with trauma and addictions. Dr. Golden was trained by Dr. Peniston in 1996 and has been using this method since then with excellent results.

In the Christian faith, Psalms 46:10 states "be still and know that I am God". Clinically, this is the perfect state of being still and can be observed in the EEG.