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Our Patient Testimonials

From MP, mother of a 10-year old boy with ADHD
When we arrived at Better Brain Care, we were greeted by the nicest and brightest smile. [The Office Manager] was very helpful and got us set up.

My son was having trouble concentrating especially in school. His grades were not very good. We were spending most of his afternoons studying, leaving only time to eat, bathe and go to bed. No play time.

[The staff member working with my son] has been very supporting during all of his treatments. She has encouraged him to focus so the treatment could work. She has been his sounding board when he was having troubles in life. She listened when I told her about issues he is dealing with, then assisted him with coping.

He just received another report card. In five subjects he improved his grade at least one complete level. Two subjects stayed the same and one decreased (art). He received 3's (consistent) on his efforts in all subjects except art. This is up from 1's, which show non-consistent effort. He has made great changes. I am very proud of his achievements. I know he could not have shown such great improvement without Ms. D and Better Brain Care. Thank you all for helping us BOTH!

P.S. He can sit still to ride down the road, watch a movie and read a book now. These are things he has not been able to enjoy previously.
From BC, a 20-year-old male with ADHD
I have dealt with ADHD my entire life. Schoolwork was always a major hassle and I usually was tuned out the entire class. Now, I can concentrate on the lecture at land and have the motivation to work on it after class. My mood has also drastically improved. The first semester I was doing neurofeedback was one of the best academically of my college career. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone dealing with ADD or ADHD.
From EF, mother of a 9-year-old girl with ADD/ADHD
Before we started treatment, my daughter was on many different meds, none of which worked all the time. Once she started her sessions, we were able to take her off all meds. She has been off meds for 8 months now and is doing wonderful. Before taking the sessions, her grades were C's and D's; now they are A's and B's. She had taken the FCAT and failed the reading /language part of the test. Since starting her sessions, she has retaken that part and scored the highest score for her school (of the kids retaking that part).

She has made great strides in her academics and at home--I would definitely say this has helped a great deal. I would recommend this treatment to anyone wanting to help their kids with ADD/ADHD.
Heart Palpitations by KD, 56-year-old female
I came in after suffering for several weeks with frequent heart palpitations diagnosed as premature atrial contractions. I had several tests by the cardiologist resulting in his statement that while "annoying," the condition was harmless. I found it awful and was preoccupied with it and had panic attacks. After treatment I have few palpitations, some days none. When I do have them, I am less bothered by them and have not had a panic attack. I was also encouraged to go off caffeine and artificial sweeteners and take high quality supplements, which I believe has also helped. I recommend this to others with anxiety/panic issues.
Heart Palpitations by DW, 60-year old female
When I started the treatment I had frequent heart palpitations. After 20 treatments I am free of the palpitations. On the line means feeling OK, not super; below the line is feeling down and sad; above the line is feeling whole, happy, alert, alive and strong. I have many more days above the line, thanks to the work I did at Better Brain Care.
From AA, mother of an 11-year-old boy with ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome
My son has ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. Before coming to Better Brain Care, he took numerous medications to control his behavior. He had mood swings, meltdowns, was obsessive and impulsive. He has now completed treatment at Better Brain Care and his medications have been reduced to only 2 prescriptions (and one of those is half of the original dose). He is now able to control his emotions and not obsess about things. He has done so well that my other son, who has ADHD and Autism, has started treatment at Better Brain Care
From CK, mother of a 9-year old girl with ADD
I must admit that when I first heard of Better Brain Care, I was a bit skeptical. After my meeting at Better Brain Care and understanding how neurofeedback really works, I decided to give it a try for my nine-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with ADD in 2006 and had been taking medication for three years. Focusing on any school work was very difficult for her. She also had an extremely difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep each night. After the third session, I noticed that she was able to fall asleep without any medication and she began sleeping all night. At school, she is performing very well. Her teacher has commented on numerous occasions that she is very focused and is paying attention at all times. The music teacher also commented that she had noticed a big change in her abilities. I am so thankful that we found Better Brain Care. My daughter is performing better now without any medication than she did when she was taking medication.
From AC, mother of a 10-year old girl with ADHD
My ten-year-old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD during her kindergarten year. She has always been very impulsive and at times this impulsivity led her to be ostracized socially. She has been on Concerta, Abilify and various other medications to help control temper tantrums and an inability to sleep at night. Last school year she became very depressed and began to make remarks such as "I hate myself" and "I'm stupid." Since starting the neurofeedback, she has no trouble falling asleep, her self-esteem has improved and her ADHD medication has dropped to the lowest level possible. Her teacher has reported a dramatic change in her math abilities from last year. She is no longer a child who cries and struggles during math but quickly catches on to new concepts and retains the information for use when needed later on. The therapy has greatly reduced the stress in her life and in our family.
From LW, father of an 8-year old boy with ADHD
Before coming to Better Brain Care, L. was bouncing off the walls. He could not sit still and had problems in school. He would not wait to be called to answer a question; he would just say the answer out loud or he was lost in space (day dreaming).

Now we have seen the changes in L. He is now able to sit and do homework. Being ADHD we still need to sit with him to keep him on task but he is able to complete homework and stay on track. His classroom behavior is more focused and he is not so disruptive. This has helped him in other ways. He is more laid back now than he ever was. For the most part, L.'s grades are coming up. I think that L. has benefited and will continue to use what he has learned here at Better Brain Care.
Sleep, Anxiety, Migraine headaches by CO, 20-year old male
I came to deal with issues getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting up as well as problems with anxiety and migraines. My sleep has drastically improved. I am getting to sleep when I need to, staying asleep all night and getting up on time on a consistent basis. I have not had a migraine recently and have less issues with anxiety, if any.
Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Lack of Focus by JC, 21-year old male
Neurotherapy has helped improve my focus and concentration. The best thing it has done for me is to allow me to sit down and read my text books. The Alpha/Theta is very relaxing and I leave feeling refreshed.
Migraine Headaches, Sleep, Depression, Focus by PA, 63-year old female
I started going to Better Brain Care in January of 2009 and after approximately 30 sessions, all my goals were met. My goals were to: stop having regular migraine headaches, sleep through the night, avoid medicine for depression, have more clarity in my thinking, and focus. My migraine headaches started when I was eleven years old and I'm now 63. As a child, the headaches were severe and over the years they got better, however never went away. I haven't had a migraine headache since February and have stopped taking migraine headache medicine. Rarely do I have sleepless nights. Making decisions now seems easy and I don't worry as much as I did before the sessions. I feel confident that anti-depressants will not be part of my life. The Better Brain Care sessions helped me more than I could imagine. During my day- to-day activities, I measure how I feel by asking myself "if I'm above or below the line." This process is a way for me to check in with myself and stay connected to my feelings.
Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep by TDA, 51-year old male
Treatments at your facility have improved my quality of life in the following ways: 1) reduced my chronic pain; 2) enabled me to better deal with any negative emotions, which resulted in a reduction of stress and anxiety.
Bi-polar, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD by CR, 23-year old male
I am writing to thank you for your help and let you know how well my son, C., is doing. It took awhile, but he has found employment at _________ and will have benefits available to him soon. He is loving his job and enjoying being around people. For the most part he is balanced, happy and is a joy to be around. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and providing the neurofeedback training. I have no doubt that this has given him the ability to make these positive changes with his life. I am spreading the word to everyone that I know that could benefit from your help.
From BK, mother of a 7-year old boy with ADHD
My child was extremely cooperative and very much enjoyed his sessions at BBC, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought he would tire of our twice weekly visits.

I saw a great deal of improvement in my child's ADHD and moodiness. We have kept him on his ADHD medication, but he is doing beautifully on it now whereas before BBC, I would have said he was doing adequately with his medication. He is showing greater self-control, cooperation and confidence. He is sleeping better and having less anxiety. His teacher is pleased with his schoolwork and he rarely has behavioral incidents.

The staff at BBC was wonderful to work with. They were always very kind and welcoming and accepting of my son. I felt he was in good hands. Our experience at BBC was a very positive one and I would recommend neurotherapy to anyone desiring tools to better manage their child's ADHD.
Depression, Sleep, Obsessive Thoughts by JO, 67-year old male
For the last 10 years I have suffered from depression, trying all kinds of medications which kind of worked but all had unpleasant side effects. After having the sessions at Better Brain Care, I am so pleased that I am off the medication and feel the best that I have felt in a very long time. Learning how my brain could just let go and not be thinking all of the time is wonderful and so freeing. The other thing that I have noticed is that I have been a stutter[er] since I can remember and always having to deal with this. Sometimes stuttering is there and sometimes it is not. Since about my 4th session at Better Brain Care, I have not stuttered, which is so amazing!! I can truly say that BBC has been responsible for the quality of my life being so much better in so many other ways. Thank you BBC.
From PW, mother of a 15-year old boy with ADHD
A friend told me about Better Brain Care. I was thrilled to know that I had an alternative to ADHD medications. My son was on a low dose of Adderall when we started his sessions at Better Brain Care. But he was at the point I was going to have to ask the doctor to up his dose. I wasn't happy about that prospect. When my son and I came in for the first visit, the doctor made me (as the mom) feel very comfortable. All my questions were listened to and answered. My son was treated with great respect and made to feel understood, not different. Within a month his Adderall was running out and I decided to wean him off. After not being on meds, he remained at the level of focus as if he were still on his meds. The nutritionist [referring to one of the clinicians on the Better Brain Care staff] was extremely helpful in changing our diets. We (as a family) now eat healthier and I am sure this has benefited our son's improvements as well. I believe the combination of [neurofeedback] and diet have made my son calmer, more patient (with himself and others). He sleeps better and I am continuing to see improvement in his focus.

The staff: I can't sing their praises enough! Talk about a blessing. The staff has explained everything from how the brain and nutrition work, to helping explain the insurance needs I had. It is a pleasure to walk through the door and know that everyone in this office is honestly on my son's side. These people listen, understand and honestly care.

Thank you Better Brain Care!
Anxiety by WB, 79-year old female
I began treatment for an anxiety disorder that was very debilitating. I have had 40 treatments and while the anxiety is not completely gone, it is better than it was. I am sleeping better and have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take to control the symptoms of anxiety.
Bi-polar, Anxiety, Lack of Focus, Memory Difficulties by CM 59-year old female
The neurofeedback has helped me to react less emotively under stressful conditions. I can actually think rather than becoming angry or stressed. Previously I would be caught up in my emotions and not be able to think constructively. The neurofeedback has helped me greatly with focus and the capability to organize. I have been less stressed and able to think through processes. I have also been less prone to procrastination. I am more willing to tackle demanding tasks and able to stick with the task longer. I have also been less impulsive in speech and actions. I think through my reactions before responding. The neurofeedback has been extremely rewarding. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Fibromyalgia by 66 year-old female
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago. My primary physician tried several different drugs to attempt to ease the muscle aches and discomfort. At times I would feel drained of all energy.

I was referred to a specialist in fibromyalgia in Gainesville; they did not have a great deal to offer other than strategies I had already pursued, such as massage and acupuncture and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil. From time tot time when the pain was severe, I would require a controlled drug for the pain; however, I really did not want to get in the habit of taking such drugs. I felt like this disease was controlling my life; I hesitated to plan social outings because I never knew how I would feel. I felt many times like my brain cells had stopped working because I felt I was in a fog; just no mental or physical energy. Thank goodness my internist referred me to Better Brain Care. I had tried so many other things that had not made any difference. I had little hope that this would either. But I decided to give it a try.

I was told I would have to be patient and that I may not see results immediately. However, I began to feel impatient and after about a month of sessions I had an absolute meltdown in the office. I was told and had to understand that it takes time and to continue to give it a try. Thank goodness for that session because I did continue and within a few weeks began to notice the difference. All in all I think I went for about 40 sessions, but this therapy has given me my life back. Before the fibromyalgia took over my life I was a very social, outgoing person who loved gardening, playing bridge, going to movies with friends and entertaining in my home. I had just about given all this up until I went through the neurofeedback.

I still do not understand exactly how it all works--I just know it worked wonders for me I still have some minor aches and pains but nothing that keeps me from doing the things I enjoy. One of the greatest outcomes has been I feel so much more alert and not in a brain fog anymore. My husband puts it best when he comments "you are your old self--more like the person I married 30 years ago."