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Better Brain Care Tallahassee, FL Better Brain Care Tallahassee, FL

Some people would tell you that you have to accept pain and mental deterioration along with age. But new technology is allowing us to slow and sometimes even reverse some of the damaging effects of age, allowing seniors to live happier, healthier lives..

Because living with pain, stress
or confusion is not an option.
A holistic, painless, drug-free treatment utilizing cutting-edge technology to retrain the brain.
Disorders on the anxiety-depression spectrum, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines, pain associated with fibromyalgia - all these problems can be caused by dysfunctional brainwave activity. Neurofeedback is direct training of an individual's brainwave activity. Each brain is different, and neurofeedback can treat each client with a unique, targeted program.
Through neurofeedback, the brain is rewarded for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. After sensors are applied to the scalp, we connect the client to a video game. Brainwave activity is monitored through the sensors, and the client essentially plays the game with their brain. Some frequencies of brain activity are increased, some purposely minimized, so that the brain is trained and "shaped" toward a more desirable performance.
At Better Brain Care we may also recommend cognitive/behavior therapy and nutrition and supplement education to complete our holistic approach to your well-being and better brain care.
Visit our clinic to learn more about neurofeedback, see the technology at work and find out whether brainwave training is an effective treatment option for your child.

What Our Patients Have to Say
"Treatments at Better Brain Care have improved my quality of life in the following ways: reduced my chronic pain; enabled me to better deal with negative emotions and reduced my stress and anxiety ..."
"When I started the treatment I had frequent heart palpitations. After 20 treatments, I am free of heart palpitations ..."
"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago. I was referred to a specialist … who did not have a great deal to offer other than strategies I had already pursued. Thank goodness my internist referred me to Better Brain Care ... My husband puts it best when he comments, 'You are your old self - more like the person I married 30 years ago.'"