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Symptoms & Brain Arousal States

  Under Arousal Over Arousal Unstable Arousal
Poor Sustained Attention X    
Impulsiveness   X  
Easily Distracted   X  
Depression X    
Irritability X    
Anxiety (fear)   X  
Agitated Depression   X  
Anger   X  
Impatience   X  
Manic-Depressive Cycles     X
Panic Attacks     X
Difficulty waking in A.M. X    
Frequent Waking During Night X    
Night Sweats X    
Difficulty Falling Asleep   X  
Restless Sleep   X  
Nightmares   X  
Night Terrors     X
Poor Reading Comprehension X    
Poor Sense of Direction   X  
Chronic Aching Pain X    
Tension Headaches X    
Chronic Burning, Throbbing, Sharp Pain   X  
Migraine Headaches     X
Tremor   X  
Poor Balance   X  
Poor Coordination   X  
Sugar Craving X    
Feeling Stressed Out     X
Fibromyalgia     X

These are some of the conditions people experience that can be effectively treated with neurofeedback. Notice that in terms of arousal states, there are clusters of conditions that relate. The typical medical model addresses these conditions from an individual diagnosis perspective and doesn't address the clusters of conditions that are related to arousal states. In every case we have treated, we have observed other conditions in the clusters improve dramatically or disappear completely.

The medical model uses medications to stimulate, sedate, and/or regulate the brain to achieve brain state balance. The significance of neurofeedback is that we can train one or more of twenty sites and regulate the exact area that needs regulating. Many conditions where people are taking stimulant medication (Ritalin for example for ADD) the stimulant also stimulates other areas of the brain that do not need the stimulation. The same is true for sedatives.